Utkarsh Tirkey's Success Story


As a teenager, I was so happy that I had a fast metabolism. I would eat a lot of junk food and get away with it. It was during college that things got a little out of control. The sudden freedom meant I was eating out all the time. Every single day, my meals consisted of fried, unhealthy foods and all kinds of high-calorie snacks, and before I knew it, I gained over 15kgs.

At 5’10, I was 86 Kgs, which is unhealthy. Simple physical movements like walking up a few flights of stairs became a struggle for me. I lost all my confidence and felt very uncomfortable about the way I looked. I knew I had to do something to help myself out of this state, as my weight gain had an impact on both my physical and mental health.

I tried gymming, but with my classes and internships, it was hard to be consistent. Being a big-time foodie, dieting and eating healthy was extremely difficult for me as well. I just couldn't continue to eat salads and soups!

Then I came across InstaDiet on my Facebook page and I was intrigued. The diet plan looked like something I could actually do thanks to the fact that it involved food that I was used to eating everyday.

So I ordered myself the 1-week plan, just to see if it was cut out for someone like me. At the end of one week, I could feel the difference. Not only was the food delicious, but it had kept my cravings in check. Plus, I had lost 1.5 kgs in just seven days!

I then ordered their 8 week plan for myself to get my health back on track. It has been 5 weeks since I've been on this diet and I have already lost 5 kgs. I have been extremely diligent with the diet and the results are astounding.

I also learnt a lot about nutrition these last few weeks, like the importance of controlling portions, the need to be conscious of the nutritional value of different foods, and most importantly, discipline. I feel so much happier and stronger now, and all the credit goes to InstaDiet.

Utkarsh Tirkey